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Picture of Nathan

Hi, I'm Nathan Minchow

I'm a software developer, musician, and occasional X-Files binger.

I have extensive experience in web development, including internships at Garmin, PaymentSpring/Nelnet, and First Data. More details are on my resume.

To see more of my work, take a look at some of my projects below.


Dark-Mode: I implemented dark mode in a site template using CSS Custom Properties. I also wrote an article about the power of CSS variables in theme customization.

CSSumé: I redid my resume in HTML and CSS because I was sick of Word. Read about it here.

Gradient Todo: A tiny frontend for a Todo app utilizing CSS gradients and pseudo-elements.

Dynamic Audio Demo: A Godot project created to demonstrate dynamic audio tracks.

RGB: A game I created with HTML, CSS, and JS as part of a web developer course.

Sketchpad: A fun little interactive sketchpad I created to sharpen my JS skills.